Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Opening words

Hello to all you beer enthusiasts and welcome to my very own beer blog! The first thing I need to mention is that I'm not a pro taster nor have I got any king of education to do this. As far as I've understood the blogging is mostly about sharing own experiences. Well, this is how I see my little "hobby"! So if you feel that the tasting notes I've done are complete rubbish or inaccurate, please inform and help me develop my skills! The terms and words used in the blog might not be adequate but this is something I think I can only improve. You might also notice a humorous twist in my writing, that's intentional. :)

Commenting this blog is desirable and also a indicator for me that there are some people reading this... which again is not the main point but a good spur to continue the effort also for you.

Feel free to enjoy!

P.S. No animals were harmed while writing this blog!

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